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Baker Check Valves

Built for extreme
environment service.

RoNal float valves are precision-machined from 4140-HT heat-treated metal for the same rugged dependability as the sub in which they are placed. Viton® Seals, standard on models 4R and smaller, further ensure a long service life in extreme environments. The seals are rated for constant
400F (204C) service. In addition, RoNal float valves feature stainless steel springs to enhance service life.

Broad range of application.

RoNal float valves are available for a broad range
of service applications with six models in eight
sizes (1R to 5F-6R).
For long service life, RoNal float valves are easily rebuilt using our convenient repair kits. Each rubber kit includes parts to rebuild two valves; each metal kit includes parts to rebuild one valve.

CNC Machining Services

In addition to our standard valves, we also manufacture special-order products such as dual models combining stainless steel with other materials as well as other high
quality products including:

• Baffle Plates (Ring type and spider type)
• MWD Flow Restrictor Valves
• Muleshoe Sleeves

Responsive 24/7 Service.
Our fully stocked inventory ensures fast response to your float valve needs, anywhere in the world. Call us for convenient 24/7 order processing.

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